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Lola: Trust No One – WIP

Chapter 1 – Never say never
He screamed. It was a scream of pure pain. Then, it stopped. Mike was gone. Forever. A tear trickled down Lola’s cheek, she knew her heart would never mend without him.

A big, burly man walked forward.

“Well done agent 275, mission accomplished.”

“You lied!” she shrieked, “You said no-one would die, but he did!” Her long auburn hair whipped furiously in the wind.

Lars, the man, smirked, “Well,” he hissed, “it wasn’t much of a loss was it?”

This was too much for Lola, she threw off her pitch-black spy gear and ran off screaming.

“I quit, I hate you all, you made him die. You put me on the stupid mission to find out about his evil step-dad, and now, ” she took a deep breath, “he’s gone.” She weakly flopped to the ground in a dead faint.


“Ouch, my head!” Lola sighed as she sat up in bed. She looked around. Apples and, ‘Be healthy!’ signs signalled that she was in the local children’s hospital.

“Only a bump, she’ll be better soon, one more night in the hospital and she’ll be fine.” Lola overheard a nurse telling her panicked mum. They looked over at the bed she was in.

“Oh look Mrs. Scott, she’s awake.”

Mrs. Scott rushed over, “Oh Lola, are you okay darling? I’ve  been so worried.”

“Mum,” interrupted Lola, “I’m fine, look people are staring.”

“Don’t worry about them, they’re probably just waiting to take their kids out of here.” Mrs. Scott assured her.

Lola nodded. She didn’t want to get into an argument with her mum, she would just be grounded.

“Terribly sorry, but Lola needs rest. You can come back later, but she needs to sleep.” said a young nurse with a London accent.

Lola frowned, hadn’t she seen this girl before?

Mrs. Scott slowly walked away, only stopping to wave good bye.

As soon as the door slammed shut, the nurse ran over. “Hi Lola, remember me? I’m Faye, your first ever partner in Agent School.”

Lola smiled, that’s where she had seen her before. She nodded, then her smile flickered. “What do they want?” she asked. If they wanted her back, it would be a no.

“They want you back. There’s a new mission that I am part of but they want you as well. It’s all the gang.” Faye explained.

Lola raised her eyebrows thoughtfully. “What is it about? The mission that is.”

“Well, I can’t say nothing as I don’t know either. No-one does, apart from the Daddy, Lars.”

Lola’s face fell as Faye said his name. She never wanted to hear, see or say Lars again after what happened to Mike.

“Night,” Lola said dismissively, facing the other way.

“Okay,” Faye sighed, Lola hearing the keys clicking on her phone as she texted someone, “see ya.”

The door slammed shut.

Chapter 2 – Flashback

That night Lola`s mind couldn`t rest. Remembering the night of Halloween, when Mike died, seemed just yesterday but was a week ago. It was so clear to Lola that she should have gone to save him instead of watching him being slaughterd in the glowing flames of the fire. 

The night haunted her, just like an old ghost that will never leave a castle. The thought took over her mind, making her shed tears of despare.

“Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!” Mike shrieked. Lola stood there sielently. She wanted to save him but a voice in her head held her back. In the evil flames he nelt, a sharp knife stuck through his chest. “Lola, please,” and his last breath puffed out as he fell off the remains of the mountains.

“Hahaha, oh the best show ever! Aaaah, how do you feel now? You`ve lost one of your best colleagues!” the voice of the torturer`s laugh echoed around the destroyed scene. Out of the corner of her eye, Lola saw Faye. Unlike Faye Lola was crying, tears falling like rain on a bad day.


“You okay Lola?” Faye asked. Lola sat up, gasping for breath.

“Yes sure, just a flashback,” She replied, faintly nodding a yes. Faye shook her head. She knew that Lola missed Mike but now it was getting scary, Faye never knew anyone to have flashbacks and nightmares about it.

“Look, you need to forget about him. I know you miss him but now he`s you know what,” Faye could`nt bring herself to say dead, she knew it would upset Lola. ” You have just got to sorta` get real. Anyway the gang needs your help with the mission! They really miss you.”

“Well, okay but please don`t talk about him,” Lola said quietly.

“Deal!” smiled Faye and they shook hands. “The next meeting is on the 15th of November basicaly next week. You up for it?”

“Sure,” Lola replied, not knowing quite what she was sighning up for.

There was a long sielence. Then Faye went to the door. She turned to face Lola.

“By the way your mum is coming tomorrow. She knows you will be out for the day of the meeting but not the reason why. We said it was a `school thing` and she believed us.”

Lola smiled. Maybe it wouldnt be so bad after all.

Then out of the blue, the night of Halloween came back to her as she went into a slumber. But not all of it, it was only the worst bit.

His gleaming red eyes scared her stiff. The ghostly face haunting and the grimacing grin intimidating.

” I will get you Lola. I will get you Lola,” these very words burnt her like a red hot poker, “I am going to kill you Lola.” The sly words pouncing like a tiger.

Lola winced. In her sleep pain ran through her body like a bolt of lightning. Twisting and turning, trying to get comfortable, Lola only saw black but she felt ill.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” Lola screamed. Her body burned like she was running through fire.

“Whats the matter? Are you alright?” Faye and a few other nurses chorased as they burst through the door.

“I – feel – faint,” Lola struggled to gasp, “Need water.” And she just drank a drop then breathed deeply.

“Thank you but I need Faye,” Faye stepped forward nervously.

“Private chat?” Faye suggested. They nodded and went out.

“It was,” Lola began.

“The dream,” Faye continued, cupping her face in her hands. “You have got to stop thinking about it. You can’t go to the meeting next week like this, they will never trust you.”

“Fine, I will try, but next week there will be nada mention of the dream. Got it?”

“Got it.” Faye nodded.

Chapter 3 – The meeting

“So,” a cheery voice said, “I expect you would like to know what we are here for,”

“Obviously we are wondering Tasha, and it would be helpful if you told us today as I have Martial arts practice tomorrow,” sneered Kayleigh.

“You don’t need to say it in that tone of voice,” her twin sister Carys argued, “it’s …..”

“As I was saying,” Tasha interrupted, glaring at the twins, “I would like to say a warm welcome to Lola after,” Tasha turned ruby red, she couldn’t finish her sentence. She looked up at everyone, they were all shifty and feeling uncomfortable.

“Um, well we are here to talk about our tactics for the new mission,” smiled an American girl, standing up in the back row. She nodded over to an embarrassed Tasha.

“Hey Mimi, what are you doing here?” Faye asked confused, “I was told that the mission was for over 10 year olds, not 7 and under.”

“Who cares,” Mimi said sarcastically, “anyway, any ideas for a plan? We need to hurry as the mission starts the day after New Year’s Day,”

“So that’s around about 2 months’ time.” Everyone looked around. A girl with a strawberry blond fringe and very long bright pink hair stepped forward, a matching toy poodle at her side.

“Who are you?” Faye asked.

“Jess is the name. I came here because I have something you might want,” she said holding out a slip of paper out. “I used to be on the ‘enemy side’ as you might call it, but I have quit now.”

“Right. Now let me see the paper,” Kayleigh said impatiently.

“Ok but I warn you now. It isn’t easy to read,”  and she handed the paper to Tom, the oldest.



“This cant be right,” he said, “It’s all in code apart from ‘I will be back.’,”

“Hey Jess, do you know what it says?” Lola asked. Everyone looked around at her, she had been quiet all day.

“Yes.” she said, “And before you ask I am not telling you,” she added smirking.

“And why won’t you?” Kayleigh demanded.

“I’m not allowed,” she sighed, “I would if I could but ever since I quit, boss has been keeping an eye on me so I don’’t give out info. He told me to give you this though, I said it would confuse you and he nodded, his own language he said. But I have to say he is very secretive.”

“Sounds like the Daddy, he rules over us. But please don’t tell him that he is a big fat loser and I want to stick his massive bird brained head down the sewers. Because if you do for 1 he will get you and 2 I will get you.” Lola sarcastically smiled.

“Okay, Lola, um, I have to go but one other thing. If you pack and go off now, then on the way you could talk about what you can do. Also go to the eastern mountain range and there you will see the festival of the world. Ask were Mr Donfature Beloperon is as he will tell you the symbols on the letter.” And off went Jess.

“Bye.” Everyone chorused.

“So,” Lola said, “shall we get ready to go?”

About mattsylvester

Father of two beautiful daughters and married to the beautiful Karen, Matthew has been reading and writing fantasy and science fiction since he first read the Hobbit at the age of 7.


16 thoughts on “Lola: Trust No One – WIP

  1. Wonderful piece of writing. Very well done, I would love to read more.

    I can’t help but imagine that this would make an excellent TV series, keep the idea close at hand. 😉


    Posted by Ryan Markey | February 22, 2013, 9:39 pm
  2. This made for very exciting reading, leaving me wanting more! I cannot believe the young age of the writer…you really must keep writing…it is something you do exceptionally well.


    Posted by Raven Dane | February 22, 2013, 9:42 pm
  3. Well Ragan, what a clever little thing you are- such wonderful writing! I very much enjoyed this taster chapter of your first story and look forward to seeing you and reading more very soon. Lots of love xx


    Posted by Jo Monaghan-Welsh | February 22, 2013, 9:44 pm
  4. You sure she’s only nine? She captures the middle teens so well…


    Posted by adrianmiddle | February 22, 2013, 10:31 pm
  5. A great start! Keep on going, look forward to the rest.


    Posted by Sarah Cawkwell | February 23, 2013, 12:21 am
  6. Excellent job! A great start, really pulls the reader in. I’m looking forward to reading more.


    Posted by Aaron Rosenberg | February 24, 2013, 1:25 am

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