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Practical Taekwondo: Back to the Roots

Practical Taekwondo: Back to the Roots

**** ON AMAZON! Practical Taekwondo: Back to the Roots – May 2009 – Summersdale – Author
Matthew’s first foray into writing, Practical Taekwondo: Back to the Roots arose as result of his work with the four leading martial arts magazines in the country.Approached by Summersdale Publishing, to write a book on Taekwondo, Matthew duly put together a proposal and emailed it to them. They liked it so much that they offered him a joint publishing deal. The book has since sold across the world to critical acclaim, and Matthew has plans to write another to continue the series.‘A true 21st century martial artist. His research into keeping them relevant to the modern world should serve as an inspiration to all’ –Iain Abernethy 5th Dan’

Sylvester’s system, “Practical Taekwondo”, emerges as a thoughtful investigation of the art of taekwondo.

 bitter defeat ***** ON AMAZON! – Blaise Maximillian: Bitter Defeat

For 8 long years the Great War has raged. Blaise Maximillian has been there from the start. A bright-eyed and fearful young Ensign, the realities of war change him into a hard-bitten soldier and an even harder policeman.

Detective Inspector Blaise Maximillian of the Combined Imperial Special Intelligence Bureau, now works to protect the British Empire any way he can. Nothing will stop him from carrying out his duty. Not the law, not morals, not even ethics. A flawed man, he will do anything it takes.

A few comments from the reviews below.

A collection of very dark and brutal but compelling short stories linked together to make great reading. Violent to the max and truly horrific but somehow very enjoyable to read.

The detailed battle scenes are fast-paced, breathless and enjoyably stressful.

Sylvester’s visceral, muscular style that has the reader right down in the blood and muck with his put-upon protagonist, as he deals with the horrors and humiliations of trench warfare.

I love it, and I’d highly recommend it.

emancipation For 8 long years the Great War has raged. Blaise Maximillian has been there from the start. A bright-eyed and fearful young 2nd Lieutenant, the realities of war change him into a hard-bitten soldier and an even harder policeman. Leading men and women into battle, he confronts a German army that becomes ever stronger, ever more advanced.

Britain needs heroes. Heroes like Laura Miles and Wez Broglino, armour hunter-killers during the Siege of Paris, then agents of the resistance group called the ‘Department of Accidents’.

This is alternative history as you’d never have thought.


Wonder what the binary means?

A GameLit/LitRPG-lite novel

It’s 2100, in a VR game called World Domination, a game designed to eliminate civilian, technological, fiscal and environmental loss but to still cater for the warlike nature of humans, all of the troops are hard-wired into their harnesses.

The rules were simple, survive 100 battles and you’re free. Die 50 times and you’ll receive a lethal dose of poison administered by the game, as war must always have consequences. Take on a Special Mission and you’ll gain 1 extra life, mission credits and valuable power-ups and special weapons. But now, on the brink of defeat, European High Command has decreed that soldiers who hit 49 deaths are to be kept permanently in the game. The 49ers is a regiment of Last Chancers, doing whatever it takes to stay alive.


Wonder what the binary means?

A GameLit/LitRPG-lite novel

It’s 2100, France has been devastated by nuclear explosions, and ChinKor Republic troops are searching for those responsible. Trapped in France, the 49ers must team up with Russian special forces, the feared Spetsnaz, to escape the devastation. Together they will wreak havoc as they blast their way through the enemy forces.

Trapped in an MMO where losing 50 lives means permadeath, war is anything but a game

devon's demons

Wonder what the binary means?

A GameLit/LitRPG-lite novel

Devon’s Demons have escaped from France into Spain. Expecting to go home, they are instead thrust into a new war against a new enemy, the North African Coalition. Forced into the Spanish Foreign Legion, Devon and her people find themselves up against an elite unit with orders to wipe them out.

Trapped in an MMORPG that has replaced “real” war, Devon and her people are forced to fight, time and time again. Lose 50 lives, and they die, permanently, killed as they float in their immersion capsules.

shadow company Founded in 1918, Shadow Company is a secret organisation of men and women who have officially died in the service of their country. Sent to do the jobs that the British Government can’t afford to be implicated in, they tread where the SAS daren’t.

Omega Team is sent to Kolkata to retrieve a scientist who says he has proof as to the origins of the ‘Christmas Flu’, a pandemic that has brought the world to its knees. A simple retrieve job turns into a fight for their lives as they battle enemy special forces within the scientist’s hotel.

Faced with desperate odds, can Team Omega complete the mission and survive to fight another day, or are their deaths finally going to become reality?

Cover for Grimm & Grimmer depicting a scene from Briar Rose aka Sleeping Beauty

Grimm & Grimmer Volume 2

***** ON AMAZON! Death’s Messengers – Grimm & Grimmer Volume 2 – April 2013 – Fringe Works – Author  – The brief for the anthology was to take a story by the Brothers Grimm and to give it a totally unique twist. Matthew found out about this window with only four days before the close. Needless to say, he thrived under the pressure and was accepted.Putting a science fiction spin on things, he took an encounter between Death and Giant, that Death actually loses, and put a typically unique spin on things. The anthology can now be purchased for the Kindle on Amazon for the bloody good price of £2.01!

I particularly like the science fiction feel of Death’s Messengers. I vaguely remember that in the original story the victim eventually just goes with Death. Technically that is true in this version but his own terms are a little different from the original. I don’t want to give anything else away so you’ll just have to go and read it.

Five Stars! 3 times in a row!

Five Stars! 5 times in a row!

**** ON AMAZON! Raus! Untoten! – 2013 – October 2013 – Fringe Works – Editor/Author
Raus! Untoten! is a truly unique collection of stories. The Nazi Zombie trope, genre even, has become firmly entrenched in the public’s mind. Films and books have saturated the market to the extent that Nazis are synonymous with Zombies.Vampires have also come to the fore in recent years and have, to the stunned horror of horror fans, become sexy in a faintly necrophiliac manner.But Zombies and Vampires are just two of a myriad of undead horrors waiting to come lunging out of the shadows to slash out throats, suck our eyes from their sockets and scoop our warm brains into their gaping, fang-lined maws.Raus! Untoten! addresses this imbalance. Naturally we have zombies, but we also have vampires, French grey puppets, Jewish golems and even vengeful spirits.So, make yourself comfortable, pour yourself a glass of your favourite tipple and let yourself be taken away to worlds of horror.Bluttrinker – Raus! Untoten! – October 2013 – Fringe Works – Author
Bluttrinker is a short story that Matthew wrote whilst waiting for submissions for the Fringe Works Raus! Untoten! anthology. Set on the Eastern Front, it has a good mix of Zombies and Vampires, Nazis and Russians, whilst putting a ‘human’ face to war. Whether or not this will be published in the anthology, Matthew enjoyed writing this a lot, and it caused him to have yet another idea for a universe. Like he hasn’t got enough to do!Review below;

In Bluttrinker, Matthew Sylvester creates a tale of front line warfare which sees the Germans take on the Russians in the Eastern Front and imbues both sides with attributes not seen in the history books! In my opinion, with a little expansion, this tale could easily be a novella or even book in its own right and would appeal to those who like their horror visceral and gory.Sylvester’s “Bluttrinker” (I only just googled that word) was a delight as well (not that I wasn’t expecting that), with a new (or is that old) twist on the Soviet/Germany conflict.

Well & Truly Sporked - My story is damned unique!

Well & Truly Sporked – My story is damned unique!

***** ON AMAZON! Well & Truly Sporked – Potatoes 2014 – KnightWatch Press – Author
This is the first time Matthew has written a crime-based short story in the first person perspective, and through the eyes of a person who is – being charitable – a complete and utter fucking toe rag. He had fun with it though, and you can read more about Neville in Chip Shop of Horrors.The official blurb for this is – “The humble potato – a changer of worlds, a feeder of nations and a small round tuber that grows underground – in this collection of short stories it’s all of these things and more. What if the potato was the key to divining the future, or the home of a malevolent spirit? What if nations went to war over a field of potatoes, if political careers could be made and cast aside on the outcome of a single year’s crop? In this collection of stories the potato is the star. You may think it’s a joke but we take this chip off the old block very seriously indeed.”A review on the Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog says “Well and Truly Sporked by Matthew Sylvester is a spud dug up served unwashed with gritty soil rumbling onto the plate. A hard-knock tale set in the land of loan sharks and violence. A competent story that uses the potato theme well and leaves a nice little after taste with a neat reveal at the end.”

Pater Syn - A hard-talking, hard-drinking, whoring Preacher.

Pater Syn – A hard-talking, hard-drinking, whoring Preacher.

Pater Syn – How The West Was Weird Vol 3 – 2014
This is Matthew’s first Western, as well as his first Weird Western. Set in the Entity universe, although it could – with a little tweaking – be set in the Shattered Lands universe – this is story of a Lay Preacher determined to save the souls of his congregation, one bullet at a time.

Stille! Untoten! Nazis and Zombies like you've never seen before!

Stille! Untoten! Nazis and Zombies like you’ve never seen before!

***** on Amazon! Stille! Untoten! – 2015 Fringe Works

Resurrections gone wrong. Black Magic. Airborne Ops. Alternate Histories. Undying Nazis. Stille! Untoten! Another truly unique collection of horror stories from some of the best established and new authors in the field, from Gav Thorpe to Alex Helm, Nas Hedron to Jamie Mason, Ian Hall to Stewart Hotston, every author has written a tale that will thrill and entertain.Readers will take part in nighttime airborne drops, face French zombies, stand in court as the result of an experiment and quiver in fear as they must watch Nazi fanatics consume their victims, flee the Gestapo and experience a father’s love.

Oi, oi! Saveloy! Is featured in this amazing book

Oi, oi! Saveloy! Is featured in this amazing book

Oi, oi Saveloy! – Chip Shop Horrors – 2015 – KnightWatch Press
The anti-hero of Well and Truly Sporked, from Potatoes is back in yet another tale of blood, guts, fast-food and horrific goings on! Edited by Stewart Hotston, this collection of gritty stories is – as the title suggests – centred around chip shops and our hero finds himself jumping from the frying pan and well and truly into the fat.It features great stories from the amazing authors, Chris Amies, Phil Sloman, E.J. Davies, David Thomas Moore, Shane Porteous, Greg Smith, and Matthew Sylvester.Matthew Sylvester’s “Oi, oi! Saveloy!” follows up his story in the earlier KWP anthology “Potatoes” with the further adventures of his foul-mouthed, brutal but basically on-the-right-side enforcer, this time up against food coming from an unusual source. Good fight scenes as well as you’d expect given the author’s skill and familiarity with martial arts and blade weapons.

This is a totally bad ass cover, and one that is well known throughout the sci-fi world

This is a totally bad ass cover, and one that is well known throughout the sci-fi world

Andromeda’s Children – KWP – 2015

Science fiction is a diverse playground and Andromeda’s Children are a timeless mix of traditional, modern and comic visions that explore what makes us human – or not.

For all their diversity, these adventures have one thing in common – strong women whose adventures reflect the spirit their namesake.

The brief was to write a science fiction short story, 2,500 to 6,000 words long. The protagonist had to be female and play a strong, positive role. Matthew decided to put a science fiction spin on this one as well, and build on the universe he had created in Death’s Messengers. The only indication that this is the case is the setting, both stories are set in bunkers. Want to know more? Buy the book when it comes out!

neaDNAthal - Featuring Abomination

neaDNAthal – Featuring Abomination

Abomination – NeaDNAthal – 2013 – Fringe Works – Author – Published 2016
This brief was to take Neanderthals and place them somewhere they shouldn’t be. Matthew thought this was the perfect opportunity to carry on the story of the Enlightened from Death’s Messengers and The Enlightened Soldier. As with Death’s Messengers there is a twist in the tale and Matthew is looking forward to seeing how he can continue the story of the war in future publications.


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