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The books are flowing out … time to boast

Yes, I'm feeling rather 'Cowell' right now

Yes, I’m feeling rather ‘Cowell’ right now

Recently I’ve been somewhat focused on writing books. More so than before.

As a result I have thus far managed to ‘finish’ (editing and beta reading aside);

Kolkata Heat – A Shadow Company novella – I created the Scrivener file on 15th August and finished it roughly around 25th September. Now it’s only approximately 30,000 words long, but still, I’m pretty damn chuffed with that.

Desperate Times – A 49ers novella – This is my first foray into the world of LitRPG, and I have absolutely loved writing it. The LitRPG is very welcoming and I can’t wait to unleash this upon them. I started writing this after having a chat with a very good friend who is a fan of all things LitRPG. What I’m very pleased with is that I started this book on 25th September, and tonight I shall be writing the words;


The End.

At one point I was writing a chapter a night aiming for 3,000 words. Now some of you might scoff at this, but this is on top of my full-time job and being a good dad and husband. I’m tired, but nowhere near as tired as when my daughters were newborns. Hitting professional word counts as a part-time author is something that I’m very, very pleased about.

That means that tonight (or early tomorrow), another  completed novella will be made available to my Beta Readers for comments before heading off to editing, cover design and .mobi creation. And yes, I already have at least two others I can crack on with whilst waiting for comments. I seem to have hit a groove and I hope I can continue to smash it!

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