Father of two beautiful daughters and married to the beautiful Karen, Matthew has been reading and writing fantasy and science fiction since he first read the Hobbit at the age of 7.
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My Legs Hurt Part Two – A Ghost Recon Breakpoint Short Story

My Legs Hurt – Part Two  By Matthew Sylvester Michelle tried not to groan as she leant her back against a tree. “Just a flesh wound” was a common term films and books liked to use. Usually the hero just shrugged it off and kept going. It was utter bullshit. Every step she took felt … Continue reading

My legs hurt – A Ghost Recon Breakpoint short story

My legs hurt By Matthew Sylvester “Mummy, my legs hurt,” moaned Sylvia, at only ten years old she was short for her age, with pale blonde hair. Bottom lip hutting out, she dropped her pack and slumped to the floor, rubbing her thighs. Mummy in this case, was thirty-eight year-old Michelle, and her thighs ached … Continue reading

Turncoat, turned – A Ghost Recon Breakpoint short story

Turncoat, turned By Matthew Sylvester Seabury shifted on the ammo crate he’d been made to sit on. Rebels, they called themselves Homesteaders, but they were rebels to all intents and purposes, stood guard over him. Whilst they hadn’t been rough, they hadn’t exactly been gentle and he’d caught the odd elbow and bump as they’d … Continue reading

Turncoat – A Ghost Recon Breakpoint short story

Turncoat By Matthew Sylvester “This doesn’t feel right man,” Seabury whispered to friend, Cape. “I didn’t sign up to beat the shit out of civilians.” Whatever Cape had been about to say was drowned out by an agonised scream as their squad leader brought his heel crashing down on the homesteader’s outstretched arm. Although Cape’s … Continue reading

Are we the bad guys? A Ghost Recon: Breakpoint short story

Are we the bad guys?By Matthew Sylvester “I’ve completed the upload. Drones should be able to parse information three times faster than before. Just need to get them onto the range and test it,” Laura Cords pushed herself away from her monitor and rubbed at her tired eyes. She’d been at it for six hours … Continue reading

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