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1,000,000 likes will save this poor kitten!

How often do you see pages that have such an awful title on Facebook? Once a day? Twice a day? Depending on who you’re friends with, you might see them more than that. Annoying aren’t they? But, have you looked at how many likes the page has? Or how many likes the picture of the … Continue reading

Time’s Arrow by Jonathan Green – A Review

First things first, Jonathan Green is one of the most humble authors I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, almost as if he truly is not aware as to just how good he is. Fortunately, this makes writing this review easy. Time’s Arrow – released on November 13th 2012 – is the eleventh book … Continue reading

A convention was convened and work was done – The Black Library Weekender 2012

Last weekend, the Black Library held a two-day convention, in which both fans and aspiring writers were able to rub shoulders, eat and drink with their literary heroes. I come quite late to conventions, having only ever attended Kapow! and three GamesDays. With over twenty authors and artists attending, this was an event that no … Continue reading

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