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Flash fiction writing challenge – Travel

Every week my daughter comes home with a writing challenge. She’s only in Junior school and I think that this is a brilliant idea and that I would share this week’s one with you. The task (modified slightly for adults) is; 1) Write a 1,000 word short shorty.  2) The  them is; You have travelled across space … Continue reading

The joy of book shopping with my kids

Being an author, I don’t suppose it will surprise you when I say that I read a lot of books. I probably read a minimum of two books a week. Naturally they can be of different lengths, but that’s going to be at least 150,000 words a week. Minimum. Both of my daughters have picked … Continue reading

My brain just won’t stop aka Cranial Diarrhoea

Seriously, my brain has at least five different ideas for books, stories, and games every single day. And I can’t just write them down as a) I’d never do anything else and b) as soon as I start writing them down, I start to actually write about them c) new ideas then come and the … Continue reading

The year continues to go well, with a little help from my friends

I posted that I was going to pull my thumb out and just get down to writing. Fortunately, unlike my other New Year-type resolutions, this one has stuck. I’ve gone through Duotrope and found a number of places to submit to, I’ve submitted to Angry Robot’s window and so far I’ve written two shorts and … Continue reading

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