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I just got rejected and it was AWESOME!

A while ago I wrote my first-ever YA story for publication. It was only a short one, roughly five thousand words or so, but it was the first time I hadn’t written such a story for my kids. I sent it off to Inaccurate Realities and started working on a couple of other things that … Continue reading

Test post

Test. Move along now folks, nothing to see. Apart from this. And that. Dammit, just move on.

The Squats are back! Long live the Squats aka Demiurg

The world is full of companies that are making wargaming miniatures. Many of these are clearly inspired by Games Workshop and their output. Some, such as Chapter House, have been involved in rather heated legal discussions about what is and isn’t allowed. Warhammer 40,000 (otherwise known as 40k), is probably the world’s leading table top … Continue reading

Bring back split screen dammit!

Recently I saw a post by a member of the gaming community that caught my attention. Actually it annoyed me. The poster – an insider with influence – inferred that players wanting split-screen weren’t part of the 21st century. Really? FUCKING REALLY? Before I continue, I’ll admit that I’m feeling a tad emotional about a … Continue reading

He claims his Amazon best-seller made NOTHING

Spoiler warning. This is a bit of a snark, a rant even. Nothing on the level of a Chuck Wendig rant, but a good one for me. There is an author who says that his Amazon best seller made him nothing. You can find it here. I have a few issues with this, which I shall … Continue reading

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