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Sections of Dawlish sea wall destroyed by storm damage

Yup, sunny old Devon is taking a pasting.

I must bee an reel orthor, I haz beetah reedahs!

That’s right, I finally have some people willing to look at my writing and give genuine, constructive feedback. And none of them are my mum or my wife! Bonus! Seriously though. It’s actually quite hard for someone such as myself – a number of short stories published, but no novel or mainstream hugs acceptance – … Continue reading

Writing homework – Flash Fiction challenge

My daughter has come home with another flash fiction challenge.  1000 words in one week. Craig noticed a phone box. Hearing it ring, he went to answer the call …. As soon as he answers the phone, Craig is transported to a different time. Does he go back or forward in time? What does he … Continue reading

I can’t believe what my Great-Grandfather must have gone through

It’s 2014 and a century ago Britain went to war with the Germans and their Austro-Hungarian Allies. Men on both sides signed up in their droves to take part in this war and – despite examples of extremely low moral and even mutiny in the French Army – the moral and commitment to the war … Continue reading

Do we really need countries any more?

People are constantly moaning about the state of the country they live in and the government, believing that the party they support could do a much better job than the one currently doing it. Then there’s an election and the government is replaced and they’re usually just as shit as the one previously but their … Continue reading

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