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Bring back split screen dammit!

Ghost Recon - When gaming was truly awesome.

Ghost Recon – When gaming was truly awesome.

Recently I saw a post by a member of the gaming community that caught my attention. Actually it annoyed me. The poster – an insider with influence – inferred that players wanting split-screen weren’t part of the 21st century. Really? FUCKING REALLY?

Before I continue, I’ll admit that I’m feeling a tad emotional about a trip I’m making today, but this still annoys me.

Everyone talks about multiplayer. Great. I love multiplayer. There’s nothing more satisfying than meeting people from across the world and shooting them in the face, then tea bagging their bloody corpses. But I also love(d) getting my mates around for a lad’s night in. We had beers. We had pizzas. We had naked girls by the baker’s zero. We had games.

We had Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon. We could play, split screen, online and in the same room. We’d be talking shit, blitzing through the opposition and munching on pizza, all at the same time and – as I’ve already said – we were in the SAME room. How amazing. A game, that one person could buy, but that many could enjoy, all in the same room, on the same machine. Together. WTF?

Nowadays, if you want to go online and play multiplayer, one person plays whilst the others sit around, take the piss out of the player and generally get bored. That, or they snaffle all the damn pizza whilst the other guy plays. There’s none of the camaraderie, the tight-knit team playing, the bonding. Where’s the fun for fuck’s sake?

Yes, we’re in the 21st century, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to meet up, have a laugh, and shoot people whole continents away in the face. Oh, and don’t forget the tea bagging. That’s vital.

Do you think we should have more split screen? Reply to the poll below.

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