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Ghost Recon – Tabletop RPG – UKSF/CT Stats

As you all no doubt know, Ghost Recon has a pen and paper RPG. The rules are really well thought out and are very quick and easy to get a grip with. Attached to this post are stats for UKSF/CT units. I hope you enjoy them. 

Hunter; Hunted

He ran blindly through the low undergrowth, whimpering through his gasps for breath. Lifting his rifle he twisted slightly and fired blindly over his shoulder, switching from semi-automatic to full-auto, spraying the area behind him. A root caught his foot and he went sprawling with a cry of fear. Face hitting the ground, he struggled … Continue reading

Fugitive – Chapter 2 – A Hyper Scape Simon Romee short story

  Simon sighed as he entered the room he’d been appointed. It was, to sum up, spartan. A folding cot on one side, a desk that dropped down from the wall on the other, and a decidedly uncomfortable-looking stool that was bolted into the deck. Lucky I packed lightly, he thought, shrugging slightly as his … Continue reading

Simon – A Ubisoft Hyper Scape Short Story

Annoyingly, I wrote the story below before seeing Memory 1.2, which actually explains the Simon Romee back story differently. However, both have a similar them. Hopefully, despite the lore being incorrect, you’ll still enjoy this. Disappear Simon Romee leaned back in the autocab’s worn faux-leather seat, a bead of perspiration trickling down from his temple. … Continue reading

Hunter; Hunted – A Ghost Recon Breakpoint Comic

As a member of Ubisoft’s Delta Company, Special Activities Detachment, I’ve been writing short stories set in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The Special Activities Detachment is full of other creatives, including artists. I was utter gobsmacked when one of those artists asked if they could take my story Hunter; Hunted and turn it into … Continue reading

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