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Wanted: Volunteers to colonise Mars

Virgin Mars is looking for intrepid explorers, manic miners, assorted academics and a conglomeration of civilians from all walks of life. Are you tired of life on Earth, fed to the back teeth with the petty rivalries of the nation states? Well, worry no longer, after 50 years all national, international and extraterrestrial governing bodies … Continue reading

What if the Roman Empire endured?

Imagine if the Roman Empire hadn’t fallen, hadn’t split into two separate empires, and had carried on from its peak under Trajan. Using our calendar, for ease, it’s now 1930. The Empire is led by Emperor Georgius the Sixth, and is broken down into three areas. The first is the west, in what we call … Continue reading

Sexy Elf Fiction

What an amazing title for a blog post eh? Sexy. Elf. Fiction. Even more amazing is that sexy elf fiction was actually a search term used to find this blog and which doesn’t have (yet) any sexy elf fiction at all. However, this post about sexy elf fiction, should serve as another example of how … Continue reading

The joy of having a creative family

Is great. Quite simply there’s nothing better than seeing my wife crafting jewellery, my eldest dancing, drawing and getting into photography, and my youngest also dancing and drawing. I can’t wait until I’m well enough to get back into writing. Below is the latest from my youngest. I love it.

Kidney stones – My journey so far

I have one of these stuck inside me. I’ve had one stuck in me since 17:30 October 17th, 2014. It’s ‘only’ 3.25 mm in size, but the tube it’s stuck in averages between 3.5 to 4mm in size. Somehow my one, teeny-weeny little piss crystal, has got stuck at the end of the ureter. That, … Continue reading

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