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Top ten interview tips – for interviewers

After two weeks of back-to-back interviews, seeing people from all walks of life, genders, and lifestyle choices, I’ve decided to write a bit of a guide on interviews, from the interviewer’s viewpoint. The reason I’m doing this is because most magazine articles spout the usual sort of thing – i.e., relax, be yourself, dress smart … Continue reading

Martial Arts magazines and social media

They used to say that books would die out thanks to the internet and now e-publishing. ‘They’ weren’t really correct in that view, sales have dipped, shops have closed, but books are still being printed and sold in their millions. One area of print that is taking a beating however, is that of the martial … Continue reading

Becoming a bloke

In September I reach my thirty-eighth year. By then, I believe I will have completed my transition into becoming a bloke, in the blokely sense of the meaning. I say bloke, because although I’d like to be a ‘chap’, I don’t have the hair nor moustache-growing ability to become a true chap. For the epitome … Continue reading

Sky – My daughter’s Superhero

A couple of terms ago, my eldest daughter came home from school saying that she was learning about Superheroes. My first thought was a rather petulant ‘why didn’t I get to learn about superheroes at school?’, followed by a ‘why on earth are they learning about superheroes in the first place and, oh God, which … Continue reading

Self-protection and fatherhood – Letting go

My Taekwondo birthday is April 1st, 1991. I always wanted to study martial arts because I was bullied. Not because I liked the sport aspect, or because I wanted to improved myself, but because I wanted to be able to hurt the bullies as much or more than they hurt me. As result, I always … Continue reading

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