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Happiness is standing still …

In my wood. Yes, you heard that correctly. My. Wood. Those of you who read this blog will know that Ive recently  moved house. Despite the fact that our previous house was perfectly good, I’ve never really felt ‘at home’ there. It was a place I lived rather than my ‘home’. It had a huge … Continue reading

Weapons & Fight Editing – My first testimonial

My first testimonial for my weapons and fight editing service has come through, and from an author whose work I very much enjoy reading. David Guymer, Black Library Author, and current Gotrek & Felix champion has this to say about the work I did for him. “It’s the little details that you can’t bluff. Some … Continue reading

Happiness is moving, and realising that you’ve done completely the right thing

Our buyer’s wife was bawling her eyes out all week prior to the actual move date. I found out that they’re from a VERY nice part of Exeter. Which is slightly annoying as if I’d known that earlier, I’d have held out for the asking price. However, there were no tears from myself, nor my … Continue reading

Happy 100 – Sand, sea and s…

…ix or more hot dogs. Sometimes, the best family trips can be the ones that are ‘free’. Granted you have food and fuel costs to cover, but that’s a given considering how far people are willing to travel nowadays. On Sunday my family, accompanied by the Miles family, drove to Charmouth where we spent most … Continue reading

A short story that goes nowhere

it was all he could do to not cry. That didn’t mean that tears failed to spring from his eyes and run down his cheeks, but it did mean that he didn’t weep, wail or sob.  His stomach knotted itself and he burped as bile rose unbidden in his mouth. Not only was his mind … Continue reading

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