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Happy 100 – Day 5 – The simple things

It’s the simple things that make most people, including me, happy. Yesterday it was renewing an old friendship, today it’s the relief of actually having exchanged contracts yesterday, and booked the removals firm we wanted today. I can now rest happy that our stuff is going to be moved. It’s going to be insured. And … Continue reading

Happy 100 – Old friendships renewed

Last night I had a call from a friend who I hadn’t spoken to for roughly twenty years. A friend with whom I had gone through a near-fatal car accident. God, luck, the Goddess, whatever or whoever, someone was looking out for us and we survived.  Tonight he came around to share memories, beer and … Continue reading

Happy 100 – an impromptu photo

 Not much to say apart from the fact that I love this photo. It was posed in a large hall, and the black background is a durtain that just happened to be there. None of it was really planned, the photographer just saw me, took the opportunity, and got a fabulous photo.  It was taken … Continue reading

Star Wars: X-wing – Iron Fist Campaign – Meeting Engagement

“Lightning Strike 1 to all pilots, enemy spotted, tally ho, tally ho!” Merl Rexin sent his X-wing interceptor screaming through the vacuum towards the unsuspecting rebel x-wings. Weapons blasting, he blew one to pieces before they even knew he was there. “Splash one! Don’t let any get away!” He kicked his fighter into a tight … Continue reading

A chance meeting on a train – Happy 100

  This is a very short post. As part of my job, I travel to Leeds and Reading once a month, every month. Today was the first I bumped into someone I not only know, but who I also like; the amazing Philip Reeve, author of the ground-breaking Traction Engines series, as well as many other marvellous … Continue reading

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