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Star Wars: X-wing – Iron Fist Campaign – Meeting Engagement

Lightning Strike 1 takes out another Rebel X-Wing

Lightning Strike 1 takes out another Rebel X-Wing

“Lightning Strike 1 to all pilots, enemy spotted, tally ho, tally ho!” Merl Rexin sent his X-wing interceptor screaming through the vacuum towards the unsuspecting rebel x-wings. Weapons blasting, he blew one to pieces before they even knew he was there.

“Splash one! Don’t let any get away!” He kicked his fighter into a tight turn, and then flipped into a barrel roll that dropped him directly behind another rebel fighter. As the x-wing filled his sights he fired, green light scything into the shields, dropping them before the pilot could do anything to correct them. He laughed as more of this shots burnt through the x-wings fuselage, blowing the cockpit out in a shower of sparks, glass and human remains. An ace five times over already, he lined up on his next victim. 


Imperial Forces continue to push their way through to the Southern Reach Stop Line, sweeping aside resistance. The Imperial TIE fighter squadron, the Lightning Strikeshas caught a rebel squadron on the hop. Swooping in behind them, they swiftly take a toll on the rebel star fighters before they are able to turn and fight.


The Rebel player has a roster of 100pts.

The Imperial player has 150 points, to reflect the fact that they have caught the Rebels unawares and already killed a fair few.


The Rebel player must place his star fighters at the far end of Range 3 from Imperial player’s table edge.

The Imperial player must place his star fighters on the very edge of the table.

Both players take turns to place up to five asteroids on the table. No player my place an asteroid less than Range 2 to the opposing player’s edge.

The Objective
This is a bitter fight to the death. Smarting from the loss of their brothers- and sisters-in-arms, the Rebels are determined to make the Imperial pilots pay. No prisoners will be taken, and no-one is going to be making a run for it. Both players must fight until the enemy has been wiped out.


For every Imperial ship destroyed, the Rebel player scores +1CP

For every Rebel ship destroyed, the Imperial player scores +1CP

For wiping out the enemy player, the winner receives +5CP

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