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Every other step that the padre took was accompanied by a heavy thud as his staff thumped down onto the walkway set between the myriad of pipes that gave Conduit – an infamous part of Absalom Station – its alternative name, Pipetown. Passing from lit area into unlit area, he seemed to dissolve each time … Continue reading

Side missions – Sometimes they just don’t make sense

An excerpt from my latest WIP, Spetsnaz, a LitRPG novella, because sometimes side missions really don’t make sense. Clark didn’t bother replying to Devon, choosing instead to slam both fists down onto the train’s artillery console.   ‘Fucking stupid fucking learner missions!’ He screamed, rubbing both his hands as the hard metal of the console … Continue reading

Tom Clancy’s The Division: Agent Origins has me all fired up.

It’s not often that I get too excited about games, but Ubisoft has just well and truly smashed the ball out of the park with its latest trailer. This is full-on live action at its best and I only wish I had the game now, right now. Sleeper agents going up against sinister bin-men who … Continue reading

Star Wars: X-wing – Iron Fist Campaign – Meeting Engagement

“Lightning Strike 1 to all pilots, enemy spotted, tally ho, tally ho!” Merl Rexin sent his X-wing interceptor screaming through the vacuum towards the unsuspecting rebel x-wings. Weapons blasting, he blew one to pieces before they even knew he was there. “Splash one! Don’t let any get away!” He kicked his fighter into a tight … Continue reading

Star Wars: X-wing – Iron Fist Campaign – Use a thief to catch a thief

Naga Trivi coughed as he tried desperately to not to spray hot tea over the official in front of him.  “You want me to what?” He spluttered, the urge to cough growing as the tea burnt its way down his throat. “We want you, and your Bad Apples, to root out other undesirables.” The Imperial … Continue reading

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