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Side missions – Sometimes they just don’t make sense

An excerpt from my latest WIP, Spetsnaz, a LitRPG novella, because sometimes side missions really don’t make sense.

Clark didn’t bother replying to Devon, choosing instead to slam both fists down onto the train’s artillery console.


‘Fucking stupid fucking learner missions!’ He screamed, rubbing both his hands as the hard metal of the console taught him another lesson he would have preferred to not learn.


‘I take it things aren’t going well sir?’ Asked Hoffmeister as he watched Clark desperately racing through the menu in order to find any sort of short cut. 


‘If you’re going to ask me stupid questions, you can fuck off right now sergeant,’ snarled Clark as he selected a mission that would teach him how to reload the various weapons simultaneously no matter how depleted their magazines were, ‘This is going to take fucking ages! Gunnery Captain!’


A ‘script stood to attention, ‘Yes sir?’


‘You explicitly told me that, and I quote “using the weapons system is really quite simple, but every commander must complete the training before being able to issue orders to the Gunnery Captain in order to avoid blue-on-blue situations.”’


‘Quite sir. It is indeed simple. Once you’ve learned all of the missions. Can’t have you chucking shells about willy-nilly. Perhaps if you’d found RSM Fluffy we could have skipped a few lessons, but I’m currently so worried about him, I just can’t think!’


Clark span so quickly that Hoffmeister took a step back in alarm, ‘Hoffmeister, get every man and woman you can and find that bloody cat!’

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Father of two beautiful daughters and married to the beautiful Karen, Matthew has been reading and writing fantasy and science fiction since he first read the Hobbit at the age of 7.


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