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Safehouse – A Tom Clancy’s The Division short story

This story follows on from Cover, the first in this series. ***** The fight at Hudson Docks had take time and, more importantly, let people know that there was something pissibly worth fighting over. ‘Reckon it was a regular patrol, or a sweep and search?’ asked Driffel as he rifled through the gear of one … Continue reading

Clear – A Tom Clancy’s The Division short story

My watch was glowing. A bright orange circle. Like the Black Spot of Death. I was fucked. Work was calling. “Blend in, work hard at the day job, make friends but keep them casual and don’t get attached”, they said. As usual they were wrong. People are social animals, no matter what the profiles state. … Continue reading

The lost promise of a sausage bap

I’m sat in the Crediton Coffee Company, waiting for my eldest to finish the first of her dance classes.  Last night I said I would take her as I like Kirton Games and thought I would visit there and then get a bit of a fry up, or a sausage bap with coffe and the … Continue reading

A cover in progress

There’s nothing better than having a finished cover. But having a work in progress arrive in your inbox is just as good. This is for a project that I’ve been working on for a long time, and will be for book three in a series of 4. I’m keeping it enigmatic for reasons. However, this … Continue reading

NeaDNAthals return!

Fringework’s latest publication, NeaDNAthal, has now been published, and I’m in it! Neanderthals. The lost race, vanished into the mists of history. But what if they came back? What if science was able to bring them into the present day? Would they be gods, or warriors, or slaves, or something else? Fringeworks presents NeaDNAthal – … Continue reading

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