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Fugitive – Chapter 2 – A Hyper Scape Simon Romee short story

  Simon sighed as he entered the room he’d been appointed. It was, to sum up, spartan. A folding cot on one side, a desk that dropped down from the wall on the other, and a decidedly uncomfortable-looking stool that was bolted into the deck. Lucky I packed lightly, he thought, shrugging slightly as his … Continue reading

Simon – A Ubisoft Hyper Scape Short Story

Annoyingly, I wrote the story below before seeing Memory 1.2, which actually explains the Simon Romee back story differently. However, both have a similar them. Hopefully, despite the lore being incorrect, you’ll still enjoy this. Disappear Simon Romee leaned back in the autocab’s worn faux-leather seat, a bead of perspiration trickling down from his temple. … Continue reading

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