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My Full Contact Zombie Experience

As many of you will know, I write about, and edit, stories based on the Zombie genre. Not something I planned to do, but it just happened. I’m also a bit of a ‘what would I do in that situation?’ and I was – and still am – positive that I wouldn’t be as chronically … Continue reading

Why I believe all authors should have a blog

This is just a quick blog, as a result of seeing something by Chuck Wendig. Basically, he stated that authors should have a blog in order to write. By this he meant to experiment, to play with one’s vocabulary and so forth. An author I know said that this was not what she wanted to … Continue reading

I must be an author, I have a profile on Goodreads

For those that use Goodreads (and it seems that there are a lot of people on there), I now have a Goodreads Author profile. I wish this meant that I was a SUCCESSFUL author, but it doesn’t. Not yet. Anyway, go and take a look and interact with me there too 🙂 This is my … Continue reading

Raus! Untoten! – The reviewers wanted longer stories!

Well, what can I say apart from “Thank you” to all of the authors who contributed to volume 1. As you can see from the review below (another 5-star!), the only real disappoint the reader had was that the stories contained merely hinted at the worlds they inhabited and that they wished they were longer! … Continue reading

Raus! Untoten! ***** AGAIN!

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