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Writing for yourself, and why it’s important to CARE

I have to admit to a guilty secret. I write for myself. Every story that has been (or hasn’t been) published, has been written with me as the reader in mind. I know that this probably goes against the grain of advice, but I once tried to write a story for the reader, and for … Continue reading

Happiness is …

Reading a well-written book. Railhead, by gentleman-author Phillip Reeve is just that. I had the privilege of talking to him about it before it was published. ‘Trains that travel through gates in space’ is a poor summary of the conversation, but it was enough to get me hooked.┬áReeve creates worlds that are unique. He doesn’t … Continue reading

Blaise Maximillian is STILL in the top 100 on Amazon!

Considering the competition that this book faces on Amazon, it’s absolutely fabulous to see it’s still in the top 100! Not only that, it’s actually in the top 50! Yesterday it even nudged into the top 20. If you have bought this book, please leave a review, even if it’s only a stars review as … Continue reading

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