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Warriors: Past to Present – A writer’s reference, and a writing challenge – Part 4 – Trained Band Caliverman, Tilbury 1588

The amazing photographer, Thom Atkinson has recently published what he calls ‘Soldiers Inventories’ on his website. These photos are clearly a work of art and show a love for the subject that is sublime. Each piece is laid out as if it were part of a puzzle and every time I look at them, I spot something different, … Continue reading

The Road to Asylum starts here

For those readers that don’t know, the Asylum is probably the biggest Steampunk gathering in the UK. For those readers that don’t know, Steampunk is set in a time that never existed. A time when Queen Victoria ruled and men and women explored the world, inner- and outer-space using technology that we find in our times, … Continue reading

The item of clothing-wear that every steampunk gentleman needs

Forget top hats, goggles and pith helmets. No truly sartorial man should ever wear shirts with buttons on the cuff, especially if he claims to be a steampunk. A true steampunk, or Victorian gent (God Bless Her), should wear shirts with double cuffs so that he can place upon them cufflinks that not only show … Continue reading

How do you walk, or run?

My youngest has ultra mobile limbs. Her knees are so loose that they twist inwards when she walks or runs, and she has suffered pain as a result for a couple of years now. Recently the pain has been getting a lot worse in one of her feet. It has got so bad that we … Continue reading

I hide in shame, and a little fear, from my bin men

Sounds sad doesn’t it? A 41 year old man, hiding from the bin men. But it’s true. See, we’re moving soon. We have a 120 foot garden (one reason we’re moving) which absolutely filled with plants that hate us. Don’t feel bad, we hate them just as much. In order to get the house into … Continue reading

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