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Open-mindedness is vital to success in the martial arts

As a former technical consultant and features editor for what were the four leading martial arts magazines in the U.K. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of great martial artists with an open-minded approach to training and evolution. I also et a lot of their students and, interestingly, a lt of these students … Continue reading

Character name generation

I was reading an article by the fabulous Nicola Vincent-Abnett on character names and how important it is to establish them at the start of writing. Many people I know struggle trying to think of names for people, animals and places. One book I’m reading ‘The Black Company’ seems to have taken a novel approach … Continue reading

Instructors don’t ask much

Seriously, a good instructor should never ask a student to do more than they are truly capable of. The reason for this is that to do is to invite failure. Once you have someone failing it is hard to get them to look at the positive. Human nature is to always concentrate on the negative, … Continue reading

Carpathia – By Matt Forbeck

Matt Forbeck is a genius. Not in the ‘Enstein you’re so amazing’ type of way, nor even ‘Stephen, your concepts about the origin of the universe amaze and astound me type of way. No, Matt Forbeck is the type of genius who can go along to the Kickstarter website and say ‘I want to write. … Continue reading

Currently reading – Carpathia

Currently reading @mattforbeck’s Carpathia. What a fabulous mixture of Gothic Horror, Victopunk (my word, I made it up), and disaster. The only things missing are the brass goggles!

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