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Top Tips for Interviews – An interviewer’s point of view

I’ve actually lost count as to how many people I’ve interviewed in the past, but I think I’m reaching the triple figure mark. My previous article which was based on interviews was for interviewers. This article is written for those people who are looking for jobs. It’s a purely personal article i.e. what I feel … Continue reading

Great service counts for everything

This is a ‘does’ what it says on the tin title. For me, great service goes a long way, and I’ll recommend the company offering such great service as much as I can to anyone that will either listen or read. One such company, or company outlet, is Games Workshop Exeter. Ever since my eldest … Continue reading

The Gildar Rift – Sarah Cawkwell

The Gildar Rift is a book written by Black Library author, Sarah Cawkwell. That’s right, she’s a girl. Now, I know that girls don’t really get much of a shout when it comes to writing Warhammer 40k books, and I think that this is a crying shame, as this girl can clearly write, and write … Continue reading

Some kids need a good punch in the face!

Some kids really do need a good punch in the face. I’m not talking about a punch from an adult (although if they’re teenagers it might be okay), but from their peers. I teach martial arts to kids, and the first thing that I teach them is that I’m not teaching them fight, I’m teaching … Continue reading

Using someone else’s phone as a hotspot

I just overheard a colleague talking about how he’s using one phone to access the Internet on his other phone. Then he gave out the PIN code. Needless to say, I couldn’t resist the temptation to try accessing the Internet and updating my blog. For some reason he’s just started cursing his slow connection.

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