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Comics Jam – With Philip Reeve @philipreeve1 and Sarah MacIntyre @jabberworks

Way back in February, I took my daughters to meet the amazingly talented @philipreeve1 – steampunk author – and Sarah MacIntyre (@jabberworks) as part of a comics jam. I’d never been to one before so I not only was I excited about meeting Philip, I was also excited to learn more about how comics are … Continue reading

The ability to write is like a knife’s blade

The ability to write, and write as well as you can, is like a knife’s blade. If you don’t sharpen a knife’s blade, it will eventually become dull, and then blunt, and the same happens with writing. If you want to be a writer, you have to actually write. I know, it’s an amazing fact … Continue reading

The problem with writing short stories …

is that every time I write one, I come up with the potential for a new world. I love worlds, this world and all the other worlds that people make up. I loved Shadowrun because it was such an amazing world. Cyberpunk & fantasy merged into a world that is ruled by Corporations, with some very … Continue reading

Two Pistols Pariah and his adventures on the Merry Sue

A bit of background. Every night my youngest asks me “What should I dream about?” For the last four years or so, I’ve come up with a dream for her. Most of the dreams centre around the world of Faraway, something that I created for my eldest 8 years ago, and which involves, Gnomes, all … Continue reading

My wife, the editor

My wife, Karen, is crafty. Not in the sneaky sense, nor in the witchy sense, but in the “let’s make really cool things sense.”  Being an active person, she’s not that much of a reader, she’d much rather be doing. Granted, she’ll read all the ‘how to’ books in the universe, and then go make cool … Continue reading

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