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Sweep & Clear – A Tom Clancy’s The Division Short Story

Delta One looked like shit. They might have done the business when called upon but right now they looked dead on their feet. We probably look just as shit, I thought, Scratch that, we do. Looking at my team I could see just how much the stress of the situation had taken its toll. Driffel especially looked like … Continue reading

Job. Done.

I’ve been writing some fanfic for Tom Clancy’s The Division, created by many people including the very talented Richard Dansky. This isn one game that I can honestly say I’m utterly hooked on. Seriously, Battlefield might as well be uninstalled for all the time I give it now.   This is the first time that … Continue reading

Hold! A Tom Clancy’s The Division Short Story

My radio was going apeshit. The airwaves filled with chatter. Panic bounced its way across the city receiver to receiver. ‘Switch to five, those JTF pukes have completely lost the plot,’ my stomach knotted, it was becoming clearer as to how so much of the city was now in the Dark Zone. ‘Fucking dicks couldn’t … Continue reading

A Bitter Defeat Update

First night that I’ve not been in bed asleep by this time due to pain and painkillers, and so I’m pleased to announce that I have uploaded the cover for Blaise Maximillian: Bitter Defeat to CreateSpace for approval. That’s right, soon there will be a print version! I’ve gone for a glossy cover, and I’m … Continue reading

How to be an author, by guest writer David Guymer – Part Four

Originally posted on Alternative Realities:
David Guymer, best selling author for the Black Library, the Godfather of Gotrek and Felix has kindly written a guest blog for us. This is part four. Editors and why they’re better than you What works in my own head doesn’t necessarily play in anyone else’s, and it’s important to…

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