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Scum and Villainy Teaser

Wondering how I can fit a scum and villainy faction into the Iron Fist campaign? Here’s a teaser of the first scum and villainy scenario, and your first glimpse of the Bad Apples. Naga Trivi helplessly watched his sensors as TIE fighters raced through the Carnel Gap Belt, a collection of mined-out asteroids that bordered … Continue reading

The Coffe Shop – The Best Coffee in Exeter

 Exeter has seen a boom in coffee shops and restaurants over the last few years. Mostly since the Met Office decided to relocate to here.  One boom that has had a big impact on my life is the coffee boom. I bloody love coffee. I drink rather a lot of it, and I bloody hate … Continue reading

Star Wars: X-wing – Iron Fist Campaign – Clear Desk Policy

    Deep space, Southern Reach. Auxillary 9 drifted slowly, systems kept to a minimum in order to avoid detection. Other ships similarly masked drifted around her. Puffs of gas escaped as their pilots gave slight alterations to their paths.  Come on you bastard, you’re late, thought Rjax Merlin as he scanned the sensor scope, straining his … Continue reading

A quick teaser

Below is a quick teaser, the opening short from a planned scenario. Hope you like it, and remember pilots, always check your six! “Lightning Strike 1 to all pilots, enemy spotted, tally ho, tally ho!” Merl Rexin sent his TIE fighter interceptor screaming through the vacuum towards the unsuspecting rebel x-wings. Weapons blasting, he blew … Continue reading

Star Wars: X-wing – Iron Fist Campaign – Hold the Line

General Hardtran rubbed at his forehead. It ached from where he had been frowning. He couldn’t remember the last time he hadn’t been frowning. Not since the Imperial forces had sent the rebels into a headlong retreat.  Despite heavy losses on both sides, with the rebels losing far more precious ground, personnel and materiel than … Continue reading

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