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Star Wars: X-wing – Iron Fist Campaign – Hold the Line

Rebel recruitment posters helped soften the blow of conscription

Rebel recruitment posters helped soften the blow of conscription

General Hardtran rubbed at his forehead. It ached from where he had been frowning. He couldn’t remember the last time he hadn’t been frowning. Not since the Imperial forces had sent the rebels into a headlong retreat. 

Despite heavy losses on both sides, with the rebels losing far more precious ground, personnel and materiel than the Imperials, the rebels were finally starting to fight back, to slow down what had looked like an unstoppable advance. 

“Defence in depth is the only way that we will stop the bastards. One third of all units not currently engaged with the enemy are to hold Southern Reach Stop Line Aurek. I leave it to you to decide which those are. Every, and any civilian in that area between the ages of 16-60 are to be conscripted. The rest are to make their way to Southern Reach Stop Line Besh and Cresh.” He paused, looking at each and every one of his exhausted command staff, “I am reliably informed that other sectors are sending reinforcements. The first should be here in a week. Hold people. Hold the line.”


Imperial forces are driving the Rebels constantly backward. Always on the back heel, General Hardtran and Rebel High Command have issued a hard order, ‘Hold the line’.

They have drawn a line and part of that line includes the Southern Reach Stop Line positions near the planet of Carteg.

In order to muster the manpower required a general conscription order has been issued for all males aged between 16 and 60. Whilst these units include veterans, they also include fresh-faced youths. The conscription order also affected all civilian space pilots, plucking tug-pilots from their command chairs and dropping them into fresh-off-the-line star fighters. With the bare minimum of training, they are being thrust into the sky.

This battle centres around three HWP (Heavy Weapons Platform) Satellites protected by a hastily laid minefield.


This is an Epic battle.

The satellites must be no less than Range 2 away from the Rebel player’s table edge, no less than Range 5 (I’m sure you can work out how to measure this!) from the Imperial player’s table edge, and should be at least Range 3 apart from each other.

The Imperial player’s units are not set up on the table at the start of the game. The player must nominate at least half of their force to form the first wave. This can be the entire army if they so wish. Any units not included in the first wave are left in reserve.

The Rebel player must place the HWP Satellites, and all of his forces onto the table prior to the start of the game.

At the start of the first turn, the Imperial player may place his forces along his table edge but no more than Range 1 in, having seen how the Rebel player has placed his.

The objective is simple. The Rebel forces must hold the line for the entire battle. If they do, then the Imperial forces will find themselves being outflanked by a local counter attack.

The Imperials must advance and either destroy the defending units entirely, destroy two of the three HWP Satellites, or force the Rebels to retreat.

Special Conditions
The Rebel forces must contain 50% inexperienced troops i.e., Rookie Pilots. This is a bitter last stand in a war of attrition. 25% of them are the equivalent of Rogue Squadron.

The other 25% must be hardened veterans, such as Porkins, Wedge Antilles, Biggs and even the famed Luke Skywalker. Battered and bruised they are determined to win back their honour and allow their friends to get away.

No more than 20% of the Rebel forces may be large ships.

The Rebel player must deploy all of his units prior to the battle commencing, there are no reserves.

The HWP Satellites stats are as follows;

Pilot Skill – 2
Primary Weapon Value – 4 (Heavy Blaster, 360 degree firing arc)
Agility Value – 1
Hull Value – 4
Shield Value – 2
Secondary Weapons – They are armed with one Ion cannon (as per the Ion card), and 1 Proton Torpedo Launcher (infinite ammunition) as per card.

Players may decide the points value of this battle themselves. It is suggested that the Imperials have a 2:1 advantage due to the satellites. But this is just a suggestion.

Game Duration
This game lasts for a maximum of 10 rounds.

The Imperials must achieve the objective as set out above. All the Rebels need to do is hold.

Both sides gain 1CP for each enemy unit destroyed.
Major Victory – 5CP – Achieve the objective.
Minor Victory – 3CP – Destroy more units than the enemy.

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