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Star Wars: X-wing – Iron Fist Campaign – The Blades – Rebel Aces

Unit badge of the Blades - The use of the commando badge in this manner is in no way intended to cause offence, but rather to honour those who have earned it through hard work and steadfast determination

Unit badge of the Blades

The Blades will forever be enshrined in the memories of the citizens of the planet Tec, and the inhabitants of the city of Pugio.

It was through their determined defence and steadfast loyalty that so many civilians managed to escape what became known as the Pugio Massacre, a determined attempt by Moff Huxley and the 8th Bomber Wing – The Blackballs – to raze the city to the ground.

Comprised mostly of rookies, lead by a hard-bitten core of veterans, the Blades took to the air in a mishmash of star fighters and hastily converted civilian ships. Time after time the rebels hurled themselves at the hated and feared Emperor Palpatine’s Imperial Navy TIE Bombers as they rained death and destruction on the city below.

Eventually the Blades were unable to take to the skies any more, and so the pilots and what remained of their ground crews picked up their blasters and headed into the ruins where they gained a fearsome reputation.


Aces of the Blades

An ace is someone who has five confirmed kills (assists don’t count). As a result, some of the kill tallies below may well be underestimations due to lack of corroboration.

Name Ship Name Ship Type Kills Status
Kyle Samsuka The Bitch X-95 Headhunter 35 KIA
Jorg Lawrence Broken Empire HWK-290 32 MIA
Grimm Dirk Law Maker A-Wing 29 Active
Milic Vietstri Claymore X-95 Headhunter 28 Active
Heath Rowsem No Clue X-Wing 25 KIA

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