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Star Wars: X-wing – Iron Fist Campaign – Clear Desk Policy


Auxillary 9 prepares to launch from a secret base.

  Deep space, Southern Reach.

Auxillary 9 drifted slowly, systems kept to a minimum in order to avoid detection. Other ships similarly masked drifted around her. Puffs of gas escaped as their pilots gave slight alterations to their paths. 

Come on you bastard, you’re late, thought Rjax Merlin as he scanned the sensor scope, straining his eyes to make out any new ships against the background of the asteroid field they were drifting through. 

Bright specks suddenly appeared, ships at the very edge of his sensors. Mouth dry he keyed his comms, “Auxillary 9 to all pilots, tally ho, tally ho! He swiftly brought his ship back to life and boosted his engines, punching his Headhunter thought space, the rest of his flight racing to catch up. Ahead, the Imperial TIE fighters scattered, some heading towards him, others clustering close to their charge. 


As the regular Imperial forces advance through the Southern Fringe, they are being followed by rear echelon units, intelligence services, secret police and Government administrators.

Prime Minister Ezra, Commander-in-Chief of the Southern Reach Rebel Alliance High Command, has ordered the top secret Auxillary Unit into action. They are to kill these people and disrupt all efforts by Palpatine’s Empire to install a new government, establish and maintain order.

Auxillary Unit 9 based has identified Senior Administrator Plaus, an especially effective administrator who played a successful role in the occupation of Placido, as a viable target. 

As his ship sets off on an intra-system inspection, AU9 sets up in ambush in an ore-rich asteroid belt, waiting for him to pass. 


The Rebel player may have all of his units hidden within the asteroid belt.

Plaus and his escort start at either end of the table and must then attempt to get to the other end.

The players should attempt to have at least three clear routes through the belt that the Imperials can use.

The Rebels must find and kill the Imperial VIP. The Imperials must stop them.

First Turn
All units must be deployed onto the table at the start of the game.

Special Rules
This is a very small game indeed. The points limit for this is 100. 

The AU must be considered to be elite veterans, therefore no Rookie or Rogue Squadron pilots may be used. 

The Imperial forces must consist of one shuttle (Plaus and is cronies), and an escorting force. Please use the shuttle rules in the Star Wars: X-wing Rules of Play booklet on page 22.

The Rebel player may place up to two roadblock minefields prior to the start of the game. These represent impassable obstacles.

Game Duration
This game lasts for 6 rounds. After that the rebels must retreat or face capture from the Imperial forces that are racing to Plaus’ rescue.

The Auxillary Unit wins if it eliminates the target. +5 CP
The Imperial player wins if they keep the target alive. +5CP

“This is do or die chaps, if we fail we’ll never have such a good chance to nail the bugger again.”

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