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A blog first – Fan Mail

That’s right, I actually got some fan mail as a result of my Spring Heeled Jack story. Normally I go out and hunt people down, forcing them to read my writing, and then going on at them to write something nice. Or die. This time however, a nice chap actually Facebooked me and said that … Continue reading

Brave New World: Revolution

Well, it appears that Matt Forbeck has done it again, and produced a quality piece of writing that is not only unique, but which manages to use multiple characters, dedicating a mini-chapter to each one. I like to read about superheroes, after all, who doesn’t? But Forbeck has taken the usual format and broken the … Continue reading

Self-publishing should not equal dross

I read a lot. IBS means that I can get through a fair number of books. Recently I bought a Kindle, as I was running out of space for my ‘real’books, and hated having to throw them out. Being a bit of a tight-wad, I immediately went to the free section on Amazon and downloaded … Continue reading

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