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Writing challenge – What if WE were the ones discovered?

I must admit that I haven’t looked very hard but this is something that has been tickling the back of my brain for a while. As I’ve said in previous posts, my brain doesn’t stop coming up with ideas for stories, games and what ifs? What if WE were the ones to be discovered in … Continue reading

Writing challenge – speculative fiction

Everyone likes to discuss what ifs. What if they hadn’t gone out with that psycho? What if they hadn’t drunk so much and slept with that pestilence-riddled munter? What if they won the lottery? What if Hitler was killed before the second world war started? However, I’ve never heard of anyone say. What if we … Continue reading

Is this how world war three starts?

Things are moving quickly across Europe. Countries are fragmenting and borders seem to be redefined on a daily basis. It feels to me that the maps of Europe in the future will resemble those of 19th century Europe. With my author head in mind, I’ve been watching the news with great interest, especially the claims … Continue reading

Flash fiction writing challenge – Travel

Every week my daughter comes home with a writing challenge. She’s only in Junior school and I think that this is a brilliant idea and that I would share this week’s one with you. The task (modified slightly for adults) is; 1) Write a 1,000 word short shorty.  2) The  them is; You have travelled across space … Continue reading

Working on demand – A demanding audience

We recently went on holiday in Cornwall. Whilst there, my eldest asked if I could tell her a quick story before bedtime. Wracking my brains I quickly came up with a story, told it to her and ended it on a cliff hanger. This was not appreciated. Realising that I better capture the story up … Continue reading

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