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How adrenalin taught me that low kicks are essential to TKD

Everyone has a certain amount of fear in their lives. Not the sort of fear that has you crying or throwing up as a result, but the kind of fear that presents itself as a spurt of adrenaline, or even the reluctance to do something because of fear of failure. When I was writing my … Continue reading

Superstars – Yuen Biao – Acrobatic Genius!

Quite simply, Yuen Biao is a god-like genius. His fight scenes are astounding and use his considerable acrobatic skill to amaze the viewer. He was born Hsia Ling-Jun in Hong Kong, and was the fifth child of eight. He studied at the Peking Opera School alongside such other greats as Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan, … Continue reading

Geoff Thompson – The Warrior Poet

This is another one of my favourite interviews. Geoff was very frank and open with me and the material he sent me prior to the interview was a gift  that I was not expecting.It also prepared me very well for the interview and gave me a great insight as to the man I was going … Continue reading

Parm Rai – Dedicated to Taekwondo

Snapshot questions: Full Name: Parmjit RaiAge: 41 yearsLength Training: Started Taekwon-Do in 1979Grade(s): 7th Degree Master InstructorStyle(s): ITFInstructor(s): Master Choi Jung Hwa, President of ITF —- end call out box —- —- call out box —- Snapshot of the person Favourite Food: IndianFavourite Music: anything relaxingFavourite Book: Taekwon-Do EncyclopaediaFavourite Pattern: Hwa-RangFavourite Technique: Downward KickFavourite Film: … Continue reading

Tony Vohra – The UK’s first class and highest-ranked Kukkiwon Instructor

Regular readers might know the name Tony Vohra through his photographic articles covering basic techniques and stretching. What they might not know is that he is actually the United Kingdom’s (and India’s) highest-ranking Kukkiwon and WTF practitioner. If you do not believe this statement, just pop along to the Kukkiwon and look him up (and … Continue reading

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