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iPod short – Blaise Maximillian and the sniper

The noise a bullet makes when passing through the air is like that of a bee, an angry bee with a sting that can ruin your day. A high velocity bullet, can quite often crack past you, like a whip flicking your ear. Whether you hear a buzz or a crack, the end result is … Continue reading

Blaise Maximillian & the Orphan Robber

The Bitter Peace had come six months ago, but you wouldn’t have known it looking at the people that surrounded Detective Inspector Blaise Maximillian. Even now, they scurried along the streets, lean-faced, most wearing the ration-issue uniform of the Imperial Volunteer Workers Corps. The yellow skin of Canary Disease marked many as having worked in … Continue reading

iPod Shorts – Utilising dead time – Blaise Maximillian

When I can, I walk to work. When I walk, I write. I used to write on my Nokia E71, but then a close friend gave me an iPod Touch and, since discovering the notes, I haven’t looked back. In fact, as mentioned in my previous post, I wrote most of Shattered Lands: Torquemaster Rising … Continue reading

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