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Clear – A Tom Clancy’s The Division short story

My watch was glowing. A bright orange circle. Like the Black Spot of Death. I was fucked. Work was calling. “Blend in, work hard at the day job, make friends but keep them casual and don’t get attached”, they said. As usual they were wrong. People are social animals, no matter what the profiles state. … Continue reading

Getting published – think you’ve got what it takes?

Getting published is, for the vast majority of authors, the name of the game. They want to share their worlds, the people they’ve created and the trials and tribulations that make the book something they’re proud of. It doesn’t matter what genre they write for, it all boils down to doing something that they love, … Continue reading

Why I believe all authors should have a blog

This is just a quick blog, as a result of seeing something by Chuck Wendig. Basically, he stated that authors should have a blog in order to write. By this he meant to experiment, to play with one’s vocabulary and so forth. An author I know said that this was not what she wanted to … Continue reading

Projects on the go

Apologies for not getting a proper update onto the blog, but I have been splitting my time between Blaise, Spring Heeled Jack and an article on the privilege of being a martial arts instructor. I promise that they will all be going up in the near future, and that the wait will have been worth … Continue reading

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