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My 2014 blogging in review, aka why you should use wordpress

I love how WordPress.com does this for its bloggers. I have found wordpress to be an excellent way to blog, both when I hosted it on my own servers and on their servers now. It’s easy to use, great to tie in to a number of social media networks and this report is a fabulous … Continue reading

The art of blogging, I passed my first grading

Lots of people write blogs. Some write them to record their thoughts and lives, writing an invaluable historical account of life in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Others write them to comment on aspects of more serious matters such as politics, economics, the environment and animal welfare for example. Yet more, me included, write blogs … Continue reading

Why I believe all authors should have a blog

This is just a quick blog, as a result of seeing something by Chuck Wendig. Basically, he stated that authors should have a blog in order to write. By this he meant to experiment, to play with one’s vocabulary and so forth. An author I know said that this was not what she wanted to … Continue reading

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