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Alternative Realities – Join us!

Alternative Realities is the name of my publishing venture. It’s very new indeed, and was only made public last week. Since then however, we’ve had over 350 likes of the Facebook page, nearly 200 followers on twitter and over 1200 views of the website. LindkedIn has also seen a lot of connections being made very … Continue reading

Writing Challenge – The New Frontier

There’s a new power source that is getting people very excited right now and it’s called Methane Hydrate. Basically it’s methane-packed ice which has been formed in the deepest parts of oceans. Estimates are that this ice holds more energy reserves than any of the others combined. This means that there is more energy in this ice … Continue reading

He claims his Amazon best-seller made NOTHING

Spoiler warning. This is a bit of a snark, a rant even. Nothing on the level of a Chuck Wendig rant, but a good one for me. There is an author who says that his Amazon best seller made him nothing. You can find it here. I have a few issues with this, which I shall … Continue reading

I must bee an reel orthor, I haz beetah reedahs!

That’s right, I finally have some people willing to look at my writing and give genuine, constructive feedback. And none of them are my mum or my wife! Bonus! Seriously though. It’s actually quite hard for someone such as myself – a number of short stories published, but no novel or mainstream hugs acceptance – … Continue reading

Why I believe all authors should have a blog

This is just a quick blog, as a result of seeing something by Chuck Wendig. Basically, he stated that authors should have a blog in order to write. By this he meant to experiment, to play with one’s vocabulary and so forth. An author I know said that this was not what she wanted to … Continue reading

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