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Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace – Martial Arts Superstar

Bill Wallace is one of the best-known full-contact fighters in the world. Given the title ‘Superfoot’ due to his tremendous kicking ability he is one of full-contact’s greatest ambassadors. Bill’s left leg was once clocked in excess of 60 mph, and as a result of his amazing ability to kick, Bill left a string of … Continue reading

Bob Wall – Bruce Lee’s ‘Nemesis’? Don’t believe the hype!

For most people, Bob Wall is famous for one thing, one role actually. He’s famous for being ‘O’Hara’ in ‘Enter the Dragon’. Walk into Athena and you can see him, broken bottles in hand, staring with hatred at his foe. This isn’t all there is to Bob however. Not many people know this but for … Continue reading

Iain Abernethy’s Interactive Fitness Drills

Iain Abernethy has long been at the forefront of Karate, especially in the field of kata interpretation and application. His investigative powers and martial arts prowess have long been coupled with Summersdale Production’s high quality videos and hi-def DVDs. Most recently Iain has been working on a highly innovative and interactive DVD. This DVD allows … Continue reading

David Carradine – Martial Arts Icon and living Legend

There are few actors who can truly be considered as icons of a specific genre or as living legends. David Carradine is one of these and for good reason. For every generation of martial artist, there is a film or TV series that has proven to be iconic for them. Obviously there are “Enter the … Continue reading

Master Tony Vohra – My Kukkiwon grading or; How I became the OFFICIAL highest ranking Dan in the country.

It takes a special person to not only achieve 8th Dan in WTF Taekwondo but to meet all the requirements and fly out to Korean in order to do this. As a result, Master Tony Vohra is the only person who has achieved this grade in this country and is now the highest-ranked WTF black … Continue reading

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