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Star Wars: X-Wing – This gamer’s excitement is back

Back when I was 9, I started playing Basic Dungeons and Dragons, my first adventure was Keep on the Borderlands. I still have the books. I still remember the excitement. That was 32 years ago. Since then I’ve become a bitter, cynical and jaded gamer, fed up with constant rule revisions and re-releases of figures, … Continue reading

What if Disney Princesses were historically accurate?

Buzzfeed Videos have put up a fabulous video featuring Disney Princesses such as Pocohontas, Briar Rose/Sleeping Beauty/Aurora, Snow White, Tiana, and Belle. With each, they feature them in historically accurate clothing (although I do feel that the ‘peasant’ clothing looked a bit rich), as well as a bit of information about the society they lived … Continue reading

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