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Shamrock versus Gracie – What a shambles

EliteXC, aka Showtime have been pushing the Shamrock versus Gracie match as one of the greatest showdowns this year. Unfortunately it seems that Shamrock had other plans, especially when it turned out his defensive skills were lacking against Gracie’s takedowns. It might well seem that Shamrock’s break from fighting left him unprepared. Maybe he was … Continue reading

Randy Couture – UFC’s VI(OA)P!

This is an article I wrote way back when I was writing for Combat Magazine. As you can see, even in the title I didn’t pull any punches. Thank God there was very little chance of him ever getting his hands on me! When I asked him about the pension top-up, Dana took a little … Continue reading

Rich Franklin – Back on track?

It was clear to his fans, in fact it was clear to anybody watching, that Rich Franklin was not focussed when he entered the Octagon to defend his belt against Anderson Silva. This became all the more evident as Silva proceeded to dominate him and punish him with the result that he lost the belt … Continue reading

Tim Sylvia – ‘The 7’ Monster’

Tim Sylvia can only be described as ‘physically imposing’, ‘a seven foot monster’ or ‘f—–g huge’. He’s thirty years old (thirteen years younger than Couture), six foot eight and weighs 255lbs (116kg). His fight record is just as imposing with 25 wins and 2 losses. Many people think that Cro Cop would be a good … Continue reading

Dana White – Pulling no punches

This was part of a telephone conference that I took part in for UFC 68; where I was the only one to ask Randy Couture as to whether he was really coming back to fight, or just doing it to top up his pension. Needless to say, things got a bit frosty. Fighters magazine was … Continue reading

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