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Fuck you Kidney, time to take positive action aka – My 100 Happy Days Number 1

Those of you who actually read this blog, might remember that my left kidney decided that it was fed up and created a small piss crystal, also known as a kidney stone. That was back on October 17th, 2014. At some point I passed it but by that point the damage was done and I’m … Continue reading

Kidney gate – today’s the day

Finally, at last, the day has come for the kidney stone that has been the bane of my life since October 17th, 2014 to be removed. Well, blasted into tiny bits by a laser up my willy, I think that I’ll still have to do the actual removing. Which is going to be exactly like … Continue reading

Kidney stones – My journey so far

I have one of these stuck inside me. I’ve had one stuck in me since 17:30 October 17th, 2014. It’s ‘only’ 3.25 mm in size, but the tube it’s stuck in averages between 3.5 to 4mm in size. Somehow my one, teeny-weeny little piss crystal, has got stuck at the end of the ureter. That, … Continue reading

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