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Blaise Maximillian – Jam Roly Poly, Custard and Lead. Spiffing.

Blaise pushed himself away from the table in order to give his stomach some extra room. Happily full of horse steak, baked potato and red wine, he was relishing the thought of the jam roly poly and custard to come. “Damned fine meal sir, thank you.” Thatcher looked just as pleased with the meal they’d … Continue reading

Becoming a bloke

In September I reach my thirty-eighth year. By then, I believe I will have completed my transition into becoming a bloke, in the blokely sense of the meaning. I say bloke, because although I’d like to be a ‘chap’, I don’t have the hair nor moustache-growing ability to become a true chap. For the epitome … Continue reading

Loake, the benchmark for customer service

Four years ago, I landed my dream job. I become Technical Consultant and Features Editor for the four largest martial arts magazines in Europe. One of my columns was named Brutally Honest. Basically, it was a product review column. I would take one item and put it through its paces. This literally involved blood, sweat … Continue reading

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