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The joy of having a creative family

Is great. Quite simply there’s nothing better than seeing my wife crafting jewellery, my eldest dancing, drawing and getting into photography, and my youngest also dancing and drawing. I can’t wait until I’m well enough to get back into writing. Below is the latest from my youngest. I love it.

Stille! Untoten! – Book 2 of the Untoten! series is now on Amazon!

I’m pleased to announce that Stille! Untoten! book two  of the Untoten! series is now available for sale on Amazon! As you can see from the blurb below, this book is packed with talent and excellent stories that take the Nazis and Zombie trope and give it a fabulous shake up! Resurrections gone wrong. Black … Continue reading

Carpathia – By Matt Forbeck

Matt Forbeck is a genius. Not in the ‘Enstein you’re so amazing’ type of way, nor even ‘Stephen, your concepts about the origin of the universe amaze and astound me type of way. No, Matt Forbeck is the type of genius who can go along to the Kickstarter website and say ‘I want to write. … Continue reading

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