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Getting published – think you’ve got what it takes?

Getting published is, for the vast majority of authors, the name of the game. They want to share their worlds, the people they’ve created and the trials and tribulations that make the book something they’re proud of. It doesn’t matter what genre they write for, it all boils down to doing something that they love, … Continue reading

Piracy – The right and the wrongs

I’ve just been following an excellent conversation between @Sarahpinborough and number of other tweeple. In it she linked to an article by @paul_cornell,¬†http://www.paulcornell.com/2010/12/twelve-blogs-of-christmas-ten.html, in which he gives a number of good reasons as to why piracy is bad. I’ll leave it to you to form your own opinions, and it’s not up to me to … Continue reading

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