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Time to get my thumb out and step up

Last year I made a bit of a private resolution. That resolution was that I would get published. With what seemed to be somewhat indecent ease, I was accepted for a number of publications and have some stories out there that I’m reasonably confident will be accepted at some point this year. However, due to … Continue reading

Free writing advice

So, before I actually write this post, I’ll answer the question that many people are sure to ask if they come across this. ‘Who are you to give writing advice?’. I’m me. I’m a former martial arts journalist and features editor and wrote over 300 pieces for publication. I have a self-published martial arts book … Continue reading

ALWAYS read the bloody BRIEF!

I went away for a lovely week-long break with my family at Haven Riviere in Hayle. Whilst there I thought I would use all of the quiet time to write for the Fringe Works Cadavers anthology. The brief was as such; Stories should be set in the real world, and must revolve around the adventures of … Continue reading

Two Pistols Pariah and his adventures on the Merry Sue

A bit of background. Every night my youngest asks me “What should I dream about?” For the last four years or so, I’ve come up with a dream for her. Most of the dreams centre around the world of Faraway, something that I created for my eldest 8 years ago, and which involves, Gnomes, all … Continue reading

Raus! Untoten! – Or, social media and how I became an editor

Facebook, social media as a whole is one of the most positive technological developments that I’ve seen so far. Granted, there are some absolute idiots on Facebook, unfortunately they actually mirror society. The amount of illiteracy, bigotry, hatred, stupidity, gullibility, hell, any ‘ity’ you can think of would be depressing if – like me – … Continue reading

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