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Spring Heeled Jack – Origins

The Banjolele is a strange instrument, but one that Lord Edenred loved to listen to, especially when it was being played by his faithful manservant, Burke. Standing at a mere five and a half feet, he was a methodical and meticulous man, making the most of the generous clothing allowance granted to him by his … Continue reading

Spring Heeled Jack – We’re safe now

“Jimmy! You’ve got to get off the streets, Spring Heeled Jack has put the word out, he’s after your head. I don’t know what you’ve done mate, but you’re fucking dead if you don’t hide.” Jimmy stared at the greasy little dipper standing in front him. Billy was not the sort of person you could … Continue reading

Spring Heeled Jack – A normal man?

Normal was what Lord Edward Edenred considered himself to be. He realised that he was richer, considerably richer than the average man, but he liked to pride himself on the fact that he was still normal. Granted he lived in a number of large houses, had a number of servants and a personal wealth of … Continue reading

A change of direction, and a bit more focus

Those few of you that read this blog will know that I have one published martial arts book, a number of published and to be published short stories and one steampunk novel that is currently doing the rounds. Aside from those I also have a number of stories that have either been rejected, or that … Continue reading

Time to get my thumb out and step up

Last year I made a bit of a private resolution. That resolution was that I would get published. With what seemed to be somewhat indecent ease, I was accepted for a number of publications and have some stories out there that I’m reasonably confident will be accepted at some point this year. However, due to … Continue reading

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