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Subway – A Tom Clancy’s The Division Short Story

The safe house was looking in pretty good shape considering it had been shot to shit an hour or so ago. Granted the windows were gone, the carpet was covered in dust, and there were bullet holes and scorch marks all over the place, but the JTF had made it comfortable, if not homely. Delta … Continue reading

Sweep & Clear – A Tom Clancy’s The Division Short Story

Delta One looked like shit. They might have done the business when called upon but right now they looked dead on their feet. We probably look just as shit, I thought, Scratch that, we do. Looking at my team I could see just how much the stress of the situation had taken its toll. Driffel especially looked like … Continue reading

Hold! A Tom Clancy’s The Division Short Story

My radio was going apeshit. The airwaves filled with chatter. Panic bounced its way across the city receiver to receiver. ‘Switch to five, those JTF pukes have completely lost the plot,’ my stomach knotted, it was becoming clearer as to how so much of the city was now in the Dark Zone. ‘Fucking dicks couldn’t … Continue reading

Clear – A Tom Clancy’s The Division short story

My watch was glowing. A bright orange circle. Like the Black Spot of Death. I was fucked. Work was calling. “Blend in, work hard at the day job, make friends but keep them casual and don’t get attached”, they said. As usual they were wrong. People are social animals, no matter what the profiles state. … Continue reading

Morgan Grimes – The Best, Best Friend Evah!

I’m watching Chuck back-to-back on Netflix. It’s an absolutely brilliant show and makes me laugh out loud at least once per episode. One of the main characters is Morgan Grimes, the main POV’s best friend. He’s short, geeky, clumsy, a sidekick, and the most loyal, loving and dedicated friend that I’ve seen since Sam Gamgee. … Continue reading

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