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Beyond the obvious in search of excellence

Bill Burgar is not someone most Tae Kwon Do practitioners will have heard of. This is mainly because he’s a Karate guy. Bill has done what very few people in modern martial arts do today. He spent 5 years looking at one pattern and seeing how he could apply the moves in a street self-defence … Continue reading

Instructing – a privilege that can be taken for granted

Let’s face it, when you’re feeling ill, down, tired, grumpy or just plain lazy, teaching of any kind can be a chore. When what you’re teaching is as physical as most martial arts, and as athletic at Taekwondo can be, motivation can be as hard to find as hen’s teeth. This weekend, it was hammered … Continue reading

Bill Wallace – Kicking’s $6m dollar man!

Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace is a kicking legend. With his kicks clocked at over 60mph, and the ability to throw a hook kick, roundhouse (turning) and sidekick from the same chamber, he was as great a pioneer in kicking as Bruce Lee was in concepts. Such was his influence in kicking, that many people now use … Continue reading

Master Choi Jung Hwa – A man on a moral mission

The Past, his Father, his Childhood If you practice Chang-Hun based Taekwondo, Master Choi Jung Hwa’s name is one you should already be aware of. Son of General Choi (pronounced ‘Chay’), the Founder of Taekwondo, Master Choi Jung Hwa carries a heavy burden upon his shoulders. Politics and splits aside (there are now three Taekwondo … Continue reading

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