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Raus! Untoten! – Or, social media and how I became an editor

Facebook, social media as a whole is one of the most positive technological developments that I’ve seen so far. Granted, there are some absolute idiots on Facebook, unfortunately they actually mirror society. The amount of illiteracy, bigotry, hatred, stupidity, gullibility, hell, any ‘ity’ you can think of would be depressing if – like me – … Continue reading

Funny how things happen

Well, some of you will remember that I created a submissions post where I stated that I was going to try my hardest to get published. One of the groups that I submitted to was Fringe Works for their Grimm and Grimmer Anthology. I haven’t heard back about that yet so, like an author with … Continue reading

Wow – amazing how much traffic can be generated with a bit of advertising!

Facebook and Twitter are always touted as being amazing channels for writers, businesses etc, allowing them to network and gain additional fans or business. I have to say that this is true. Yesterday, after I had published a number of articles the number of views on this blog went from 0 on May 6th, to … Continue reading

Martial Arts magazines and social media

They used to say that books would die out thanks to the internet and now e-publishing. ‘They’ weren’t really correct in that view, sales have dipped, shops have closed, but books are still being printed and sold in their millions. One area of print that is taking a beating however, is that of the martial … Continue reading

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