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Writing Challenge – What if Jesus lived?

This is a very simple wiring challenge. How would the world be different if Jesus had not died on the cross but lived. Would he have spread the word further? Would he and his disciples been forced to leave Palestine and gone on a pilgrimage? What lands might they have ended up in? How would … Continue reading

Writing Challenge – The New Frontier

There’s a new power source that is getting people very excited right now and it’s called Methane Hydrate. Basically it’s methane-packed ice which has been formed in the deepest parts of oceans. Estimates are that this ice holds more energy reserves than any of the others combined. This means that there is more energy in this ice … Continue reading

Writing challenge – What if Guy Fawkes had been successful?

Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot. Not a lot of people actually seem to understand Guy Fawkes day anymore. Last year I even saw some people saying that it was an outmoded religious festival that needed to go. I must admit that I failed to bite my tongue and pointed out … Continue reading

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